What A Ride!

Splash has had a few lives. 

We began as a small marketing house in Sydney in 1991 where we focused on the fast growing technological world.

MadamSplash had already assisted the launch of more than 2000 products in a sale promotion capacity, but it was now necessary to have some technical skills to enter this yet unknown world.   DOS, SQL Language and a CNE (Networking Engineer) were the perfect skills to support the launch of major databases that would revolutionize all information handling. 

Turnkey database solutions soon arrived and these became the "little form boxes" that we now know as Content Management that drive all Programs and Apps on Device and Web Technology. 

It was a lightning speed induction, crashing through the arrival of email, exchange software and the internet in just a few years.  Focusing on marketing technology and the internet, Splash created our first studios in Cairns Queensland in 1995.

We have used our knowledge to run our own group of companies and web development studios which we are redeveloping now in readiness for start up.

Covid 19 has been a game changer for all of us!