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Cyber Fraud -- Where to Report

Cyber Fraud -- Where to Report

Cyber fraud - where to report


Done a search on your own organization recently?

Bogus Websites with all of your company details coming up without your permission?

Is that website suggesting what you are worth

Is it inviting visitors to use their listing to contact you

Like this page:   its gone now happily but when you see a /c/ in a url  address this is indicates it is an internal job!  These sites are owned by white hat spammers

They are fraudulent and must be reported ...

(Have attempted to become a member of this site and correct the information to no avail -  this is the recognizable actions of a very large media company (or their technical marketing) 


Where to report?

In Australia ACSC

For Google

MSN will likely refer you to ACSC - and guess what they can report matter to police

What a fab welcome back!