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How White and Black Hat Linking Works

SEO The Good The Bad The Ugly

The Critical Elements of SEO Linking

I gather you have read the previous post:  What Is Black and White Hat SEO?   If not go there first, or you will be confused by any Fish and Chips and Drunken Sailors discussions.

I came into the internet from a marketing consultancy after helping to launch "One Touch Marketing" i.e. database marketing, that could launch a thousand personalized letters with the touch of just one button, it was the marketers dream!  Sure, beat chafed lips, a furry tongue and RSI fingers from sending millions of brochures.

Splash ran their first server on my personal computer but with great delight moved to our first Professional Hosting Service on a pro server that operated just behind the Cairns Post newspaper in Cairns. Gleefully I could now send my thousands of sophisticated merged communications with the touch of a button, using the internet - it was to be the first time I heard the word Spammer which was literally screamed at me by the Owner of the Host Service -  my work had sent his server down.

Oh The Shame - worse than being called a paedophile for a marketer.  But each mailer was personalised, so I was not actually spamming, but he wasn't too bothered to know this.

Now we have Email Spam, Website Spam and Social Media Spam  

Despite SPAM always being against the rules, in some cases the Law - it remains a constant problem.  We were getting on top of it when we could block the IP addresses of the senders, but the internet took on a new hidden agenda with the introduction of International Hosting, Social Media and Program Services that users could hide behind (like Cloudflare and Fastly etc) ... but eventually the Spammers used these too.

SEO is a Dogs Dinner again.

So let's blow the lid off it, hopefully bring back some fair play to SEO.  

How Linking Works

SEO Begins With the Perfect Optimised Page

SEO is worth nothing if your web pages are not properly optimized - there is heaps of material on the web about optimizing web pages so be sure to look that up before designing your pages.

Master, Servant or Pawn? 

Firstly you must decide if your page is to be a Master, Servant or Pawn.


Masters and Servants are designed to be found on the web. Your link structures determines whether visitors will enter via the Home Page or the page itself.  We use Servant Pages for keyword specific needs, e.g. making individual pages for towns and cities so that the page will be found in a local index only.

Pawn Pages are designed to not show on the web but to support the Master or Servant with keyword strength only.  


Standard Website Linking

Standard Website Linking

Standard Website Linking
incorporates a Master (Home) Page with a series of Servant Pages - connected by a menu,  permitting the Search Engine to travel through and register all content easily.

A well considered keyword link menu usually found discreetly at the bottom of each page influences how the page is listed - i.e. if you wish visitors to find the home page in search indexes or be taken directly to a specific page.

Attract Visitors To Home Page - in the keyword link menu at the bottom of the page keywords will all be linked only to the Master Home Page. The correct way to do this is by using anchor links in the home page keyword link menu, with servant page keywords linking to their related anchor links on the home page. 

It is important to incorporate all the rules of link SEO, i.e. using anchor and link text to be same as the keyword, text and title.  Using small images is another powerful way to do this.

Attract Visitors To A Servant Page All links and anchor links will be pointed only to itself, the servant page with a minimum of links back to the Master Page.


The Venturi SEO Linking Technique

The Venturi SEO Linking Technique

The Venturi SEO Linking Technique
is a very powerful White Hat SEO system where a group of well optimized Pawn Web Pages with the same keyword goals as the master page are constructed without a menu.  

Linking occurs through anchor links and text links that only point to the Pawn Page - with the exception of two links which will link to another two Pawn Pages until all Pawns are connected in a loop. 

Optionally (but recommended) Pawn Pages should have Robots directive: No Index/Follow.

One Pawn Page only is selected to exchange links with the Master.

White Hat Linking

White Hat SEO

White Hat is purposely used on large websites with thousands of pages to help the keyword strength remain and not spam the Search Engines.  

White Hat Linking Strategies

White Hat SEO is used by the 3rd Party SEO Link Programs where your optimized keyword or key phrase is linked back to your website page from thousands of other sites - very powerful SEO, as linking becomes stronger the further it travels.


So What Is Black Hat SEO

Black Hat is when the White Hat system is misused to cheat, damage another website, bully, gaslight, abuse or threaten an individual - it is also known as Hammering.

Some examples of Black Hat SEO are:

  • Cross Linking of sites for unfair SEO advantage
  • Hammering of wrong Keywords at a site to change their keyword goals and damage their position (e.g. Drunken Sailor at Fish and Chips)
  • Hammering wrong Keywords at unrelated websites to move them into an irrelevant Search Index to hurt a site belonging in that index
  • To Hammer links at non existent website pages to enact high 404Error results to render a site a poor reputation within search engines to be dropped from ranking
  • To bully and abuse family, friends, employers or high profile figures such as Politicians, Entertainers, Actors

This sick behaviour is a form of covert entertainment by some relentless bullying groups.

I was prompted to write this post after experiencing a nasty prank which I have dubbed The You're Dead Cyber Prank, Black Hat SEO was used to push up Death Notices and Funeral Homes into the Pauline Douglas index.  I will be dedicating a chapter to Grey Hat Spam later.

One of my companies was brought to it's knees because of Black Hat Spam and it was very annoying for a few other Pauline Douglas in the world too.  Problem was reported to both Google and the Cyber Police before posting here, obviously the other Pauline's think I am the offender.

Much of the web is now controlled by these Link Spammers.

In the next post I will include more about Black Hat SEO, the methods used and why much of it goes undetected.

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