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The Lands Of Noddy & Psychos

I Come from the Land Of Noddy Unfortunately

MadamSplash Queen Of NoddyIn Noddy Land everybody is happy and mirthful, helping each other to make the world a better place.  Noddies hang out with lots of other folk from The Land of Noddy, our innocent little eyes shielded from the real world.

Big Shock when we get out there but!

Don't know who invented this Internet - oh that's right - I was one of the helpers, but most of us came from the Land of Noddy thinking this would be a good thing for the world, that was, until the Noddies came up against The Many Lands of Psycho. The Psychos saw this as a great place to play too and a fabulous tool to engage in their wicked ways.

The Noddies were pleased with their invention, but agreed they had no idea how they would make it work, so they decided to let the Internet Users decide how to do this.  Hundreds of Search Engines and Volunteer Directories were created by the Noddies, but the Psychos quickly realised that if they gave the internet toys and tools away for free,  they could capture the entire internet and gradually own it.

Psychos were also quick to take over Social Media (invented by some Noddy obviously) to entrap the entire Human Race, turning many Noddies into Psychos who could now cast any evil they had ever dreamed of whilst appearing to still be living in The Land of Noddy.

Psychos became masters of covert stalking, this was a pleasure for them.  They got together into Psycho Groups and delighted in the bullying and destruction of anybody deemed fair game. 

The Psychos were able to normalise Pawn-ogriffy easily viewed by kiddy Noddies who would be sure to grow into Psychos just like their newly created Psycho parents dealing with a strange unexplained violence across the Lands.

Sadly many Corporate Noddies decided to cross over, they could not beat the Psychos who were very good at identifying opportunities and dazzling the Noddies with visions of pots of gold.

This Noddy has some great stories to tell, makes Chaser look like Princes of Charm.

Let's see if we can give this fairy tale a happy ending.


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