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How To Win At SEO without cheating or farking up the web ..

Now there is a challenge for you - if this site suddenly achieves world domination in the next few days  - there is a new technique I have been trialing,   if it works it will help us take out Link Spam Wankers ...  Clink Clink Dearies, I just so want to throw a few of these pirates into the lock up.

I never link to you - have you noticed?  

What Sorcery is this?

Have not partaken in the Link Fest since 1998, Oh I do recall those fabulous days of treating the algorithm like a ferret, giving it just one more hole to scurry down through my thousands of automated dynamic pages before it gave up, falling over and allowing me to take first spot ...

But hey that was banned before most of you were born.  There are still some old farts - (with links to former prime ministers, news media and royals) and internationals still using these goddamned techniques whilst others profiting from the battles with them ...  but this new system might just be the ticket -  No I did not develop it, something that has been around for a decade but not used properly.

Still use one highly effective technique however - its called the Dob-A-Lot Principle.  ("dob" is Australian Slang for squeal or tattle)

Update - yes systems working well but still no world domination just yet ...  still have to locate all the Black Hat Website Domain Link Circle Stuffers who use link spam by cross website linking on their own sites, Gross Redneck behaviour on the net.

Grow Up!

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