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SEO and The Horribilus

SEO and The Horribilus

Beware The Horribilus

My heart home in Sydney is Mosman, a glittering place of expensive homes and well cashed up people,  but it was here I met my First Horribilus ...

A brief encounter with a beautifully dressed lady, well educated, successful in business and living in one of the many mansions available in Mosman ... 

Australia was not experiencing a serious downturn in the economy at the time and this is what she said ...

"Oh we often call The Salvation Army for a food parcel, they deliver to us, no questions asked",  then she laughed.

My Second Horribilus was a close person whom I had bequeathed a helping hand in business - but the chilling reality message was innocently communicated back through his wife "He thinks if you are stupid enough to give him that, he won't stop you."  

The Third Horribilus was a financial businessman who claimed he could help my group fund an 8 figure philanthropic venture ... He borrowed $50,000 from his live in girlfriend (Cairns) to travel to USA to meet with another group of financiers, then in a group meal he openly attempted to convince his Canadian girlfriend to sell her apartment to invest in the project.  (You can imagine what he is like in business and why he was jailed 4 times for fraud)

God Forbid I Ever Become a Horribilus

The Horribilus identifies generosity as a weakness and exploitation as hilarious.  These are the ones who are actively listening for your ideas (they friend you in LinkedIn) then have no qualms to steal the concepts as their own and make them happen. 

The Horribilus gains massive wealth (and power in the community .. as they do now) influencing politics to their own gain.  As the Horribilus group end up owning everything and turning concepts into franchises (Costless Employee Schemes) very few opportunities remain and it is difficult to compete against the cashed up competition.  The community get's poorer they get richer.

It is unfortunately the "democratic cycle".

Booting Horribilus From Google

We must curtail the Horribilus' from Google because they are destroying it, they are using their cashed up situation and personalized technologies to do this.

Over the next few posts I will explain how SEO works and the ways it is being exploited. 

Expect it to get a bit down and dirty

Many of us have had a lifelong love affair with Google and we hope their Emphatic Policies of Ethics have lived on beyond the philosophy of Googles founders.

Bing has got it sorted ... 

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