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Hacking and Black Hat SEO is Bad - But wait, this is worse

Internet Sharks Violins Please ...

Hacking and Black Hat SEO are very bad behaviours - but for the Rich Prucks - that's Piffle.  How is this so?

In the beginning there was Windows -  the training of Windows Specialists emerged as the first real bunch of authorised hackers on the planet ... the last time I looked Windows still awarded graduates with a special code that permits them to visit any device (that has Windows) on the planet virtually undetected  ...   (Boy I could tell you some stories about this.)

Then every other program and app that was created from then on gave wised up developers license to visit their software on devices any time they chose, then the Browsers came along to control our minds and keep statistics...

Rupert Murdoch (bless his heart - a marketer like myself) knew early in the piece that the internet was going to be about taking 30 cents from as many head of cattle as possible, over and over and over ....  news rapidly made way for his marketing concepts that are still the cleverest on the planet and his organisation continues to develop and buy up anything that fits in with this herding philosophy ...

Now all the other billionaires are cottoning on and buying up critical technology, Domain houses, Hosting Houses, Primary and Secondary Servers are all being scooped up.  They began their march on our Telecommunications and Wifi systems a couple of decades go, the last time I looked our top telecom service was owned (or financed) by the same group as major mining and earthworks conglomerates.  

You Can Turn the Bleeding Violins off now!

These services have a more intrusive capacity than any Hacking or Blackhat SEO will ever have, because it's legal ...  Data can be read and gathered from the Primary Server downward and there are some unsavoury partakers.  Remember when they had to jump through a variety of hoops to read our credit information - actually do you remember when there were regulations full stop?

This is why I nag nag nag our powers to be to get some more local Primary Servers happening and get our Telecommunications services back (the NBN is supposed to be the big safe one)  ...  plus some essential tech genius to prevent the local telco guys and their mates from plugging into the system to pay us a little visit.  A real problem in regional areas right?

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