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We began as Splash Marketing ...

We began as Splash Marketing ...

Save Time BolloxHappy Birthday Splash - 30 Years!


In 1991 the name Splash Marketing was registered and the first domain name was purchased.  

We have also owned the domain names:


for over a decade. will be phased out as our main domain to be replaced with

Unfortunately, was purchased before domain registration began, and this now causes problems for us in legitimizing the domain across certain services.

Company History

Our original business name (Splash Marketing) became the company Splash Business Group Pty Ltd in 2013 - the business names have been lost a few times due to theft or negligence.  Splash Business Group still operates, owning our construction concerns.

It is fantastic that ASIC are now policing ownership of businesses and domains efficiently.

I am very happy to advise we got the Splash Marketing business name back, we have always been entitled to have our business name as our domain names have been a form of trademark and branding, and we did develop the term Splash Marketing.  Some great yarns here.


So Happy Birthday Splash Marketing!