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What is Black and White Hat SEO

What is Black and White Hat SEO

Black and White Hat SEO

SEO - Search Engine Optimization is simple!

The magic ratio is 14.5% of your page copy to contain the right number of words, bold words, links, anchors, anchor text, h1 links ...  blah blah blah.

In the perfect world this is all that is needed by Search Engines. 

Link Optimization was originally used to make the first website menus and divert website pages back to the Home Page so that visitors arrived on the front page each time.  Search Engines realized linking had powerful information that could be used for indexing and was incorporated into the algorithm.

I see many SEO RobotsBut then we discovered Link Spamming now we could rule the world!

If you have a page optimized for "Fish and Chips" eg and 1000 pirates link to it as "Drunken Sailor" - then guess what - the site now comes up in the "Drunken Sailor" index.

A more devious technique is we fire your keyword or keyword phrase "Fish and Chips" at 200 other sites (their keyword not important) 20 times and bingo those sites will now show up in the index results of Fish and Chips above your website which sinks to oblivion.

White Hat is when a technique is used to push up websites in an index, Black Hat is when link spam is used for pushing down and trashing websites.

The Next Post will include the methods used for this type of spamming and ways of blocking

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